Data-driven Resale: Our Investment in Treet

By Dan Abelon on March 7, 2024

We’re excited to announce that we’ve led the Series A in Treet, the platform that enables brands to easily enable powerful resale programs. This round underscores our enthusiasm for startups building data and software driven solutions that foster growth and sustainability in retail. First Round Capital, Bling Capital, and Techstars, who have been part of Treet’s journey from the beginning, also participated in this round.

Treet was founded in 2021 by Jake Disraeli and Sonia Yang, marketplace veterans from Indigogo and Airbnb. Treet’s core platform powers brand-owned P2P marketplaces, brand direct resale and more. We were especially impressed by Treet’s product strategy that makes the user experience seamless for both brands as well as consumers. Brands can easily integrate Treet through Shopify, offering a streamlined inventory listing and shopping experience directly from the item owner to the buyer, without the need for a warehouse intermediary. We believe this model presents a unique opportunity for brands to minimize losses on inventory, expand their customer base, improve retention, and enhance sustainability efforts.

The resale market is on an upward trajectory – for example the resale market for apparel alone is expected to double in size to $350B by 2027. Consumer attitudes are shifting towards sustainability, with a significant portion looking to spend more on secondhand items to reduce their carbon footprint and save money. Treet’s mission aligns with these trends, offering a platform for all brands regardless of size to distinguish themselves in a crowded market by leveraging resale as a key strategy.

A standout feature of Treet’s offering is its ability to gather valuable data on the resale process, providing brands with insights that can significantly improve ROI and enhance the consumer experience. This data-driven approach enables brands to better understand their customers’ preferences and behaviors, leading to more effective engagement and growth in GMV through the platform.

As Treet moves forward with this new funding, we believe they are poised to continue their leadership in the resale market. Their efforts in launching over 150 branded resale programs show that sustainability and profitability can go hand in hand.

We are excited about Treet’s potential to transform the resale space and are proud to support their journey towards creating a more sustainable future for retail

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