Why We Invested in Rive

By Dan Abelon on January 17, 2023

We are excited to announce that we led the Series A in Rive, a browser-based, end-to-end digital animation platform.

We are big believers that software can help unlock human creativity. One of the most important areas of potential for innovation in design is animation, specifically motion graphics within digital interfaces.

Digital interfaces are in the process of becoming more interactive over time. This includes a wide variety of interfaces on desktop and mobile, within games, and even in dashboards of vehicles. In order to achieve this, designers and engineers must create compelling animated assets.  Better software to support these creators is sorely needed.

Existing options often require clunky workflows that involve multiple software tools, limit teamwork, and ultimately produce heavy assets that negatively impact performance.  Rive, on the other hand, has built a platform that allows users to create assets in a browser based, collaborative environment. The output of each animation can be rendered on any platform in a very lightweight manner and does not require work from engineers after the designer has created the asset. One of the core advantages of Rive is their state machine, which allows designers to animate assets without any code and directly export to any platform/environment (game, website, mobile app, etc.) without a reduction in performance.

The end result is that designers can much more efficiently create very impressive animations that lead to better experiences for end users. Animations are hard to put into words so we would encourage you to check out some examples of assets created with Rive here, here and here.




We are excited to support Rive on their journey to build the software that designers need to create a more interactive and fun experience on the web and beyond.  Check out Rive at www.rive.app.

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