People Operations

Talent Network

Share your open roles and receive access to top-tier technical candidates from Two Sigma’s applicant pool. Read more.

Peer Communities

Connect with your peers across the Two Sigma Ventures portfolio, so you can learn from one another as you scale. Read more.

Compensation Data

See rich compensation data from our partners and in-depth analysis from our team, spanning 4,000+ startups globally. Read more.

Manager Training

Sign up for quarterly manager trainings to receive access to high-quality training at no cost for you and your team. Read more.

Customer Engagement

Customer Introductions

Through our team and our network, we’ve built tools and processes to plug you in to more than 35,000 decision makers at 16,000 organizations to accelerate your customer acquisition efforts. Read more.

Navigating Sales

As a Two Sigma Ventures portfolio company, you will have access to a deep network of business development professionals who can serve as your entry point into any number of industries or customers. Read more.

Industry Roundtables

Across our portfolio of nearly 80 companies we pull together industry-specific roundtables where you can hear best practices from your peers and industry leaders for selling to the Fortune 500. Read more.

Data Science

Data Deep Dives

Partner with Two Sigma technologists on short-term hands-on projects that can provide lasting value to your business. Read more.

Model Review

Work alongside some of Two Sigma’s brightest data scientists to analyze your data, review models, and drive better insights. Read more.

Data Infrastructure

Learn from Two Sigma’s collective knowledge in data storage, processing, and management to make better decisions. Read more.

Product & Engineering

Architecture Audits

Connect with our team and senior Two Sigma technologists for an architecture audit, through which we can help identify potential improvements for scaling and latency. Read more.

Cloud Management

Tap into our team and a network of Two Sigma experts with research experience from Stanford, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and much more for expert engineering advice. Read more.

Security Reviews

Building a strong security posture is one of the most important things you’ll do as a company, even if it’s an afterthought in the beginning of your journey. We’re here to help. Read more.


Join women in product and engineering roles across the Two Sigma Ventures portfolio for intimate conversations with inspiring leaders across the tech ecosystem. Read more.

Marketing & Comms

Startup Launch 101

Partner with our team to develop a custom launch strategy focused on your highest priorities: recruiting, customer acquisition, fundraising, and more. Read more.

Editorial Templates

Receive templates and our library of resources to help shape your digital content strategy, messaging and channels, brand strategy, and editorial calendar. Read more.

Press Support

From fundraising announcements to product launches and executive hires, we can help you land coverage for your biggest company milestones. Read more.