Two Sigma Ventures invests in early-stage, data-driven startups across a wide variety of industries. We partner with transformative companies that leverage the exponentially increasing availability of information, advancements in the science of computing, and the ingenuity and problem-solving of visionary humans. As part of Two Sigma, we provide entrepreneurs access to a proprietary network of data scientists, technologists, and startup resources to give them a competitive edge.

What is Two Sigma Ventures' origin story?

We started Two Sigma Ventures in 2012 to capitalize on three things: the breadth and depth of technical expertise and entrepreneurial DNA of Two Sigma (which by this time had grown to 300 employees), the increasing availability of data and improvements in the science of computing that together were poised to transform many industries, and the growth of the technology and startup ecosystems in NYC.

What stage do you typically invest in?

We invest in seed, Series A, and Series B stage companies. We primarily lead Series A investments, generally in the range of a $5-10 million check.

What kind of companies do you invest in?

We invest in companies across all industries that are using advanced engineering such as computer vision, ML, AI and/or data science to solve problems and drive innovation

Do you invest in a particular geography?

We look at companies all over the US and internationally.

What is your relationship to Two Sigma?

Two Sigma Ventures is the venture capital business of Two Sigma, the systematic investment manager that was founded with the goal of applying cutting-edge technology to the data-rich world of finance. We are a separately managed business within Two Sigma with a dedicated, full time team that has decision making authority over all investment decisions. We believe strongly in the benefits of the connection between Two Sigma & Two Sigma Ventures, and we leverage the deep expertise and extensive technical network of Two Sigma (1700+ employees, 200+ PhDs) to help source new investment opportunities, evaluate those opportunities, and provide post investment portfolio company support as those companies grow. We are not, and have never been a strategic investor, nor do we have a corporate mandate. We’ve always been financially driven and focused on maximizing returns.

Are you a strategic investor?

No. We are a standalone investment manager whose sole objective is to maximize financial returns by investing in best-in-class companies.

How do you support companies post-investment?

Throughout 15+ years of building Two Sigma, we’ve learned a lot about what makes a technology company succeed. We leverage the extensive technical network of Two Sigma (1,700+ employees, 200+ PhDs) to provide portfolio company support in three key areas: (i) data science, (ii) product and software engineering, and (iii) building world-class organizations. See here for more on how we help.

How do you use technology?

Given our heritage at Two Sigma, we are continuously exploring how we can use technology and data at our firm, but at this point our process is still very human-driven. We are excited about the promise of technology in venture capital.

Can you tell me more about your team?

Our core team consists of eighteen full time professionals focused on investments, portfolio support, and operations. Get to know us here. We also work closely with several venture partners and advisors, who are leaders and long-time employees of Two Sigma. They bring a wealth of experience gained from 15+ years of building Two Sigma to their work with the Two Sigma Ventures core team, and provide experience and support to all aspects of Two Sigma Ventures’ investment process. They also act as a bridge between Two Sigma Ventures and Two Sigma. We view the extended Two Sigma community as an invaluable network and an extension of the Two Sigma Ventures team.

How can we connect?

  • If you or someone you know has started a great company, send us an email at pitch@twosigmaventures.com and please be sure to include a pitch deck if you have one.
  • To see open roles at our portfolio companies, please visit the Careers page on our website.
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