Why We’re Investing in Okteto

By Villi Iltchev on February 23, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that we are leading a $15M Series A investment in Okteto. We’re joined by our friends at Haystack, Root Ventures, and Uncorrelated Ventures, as well as awesome angels who double as leading founders and operators of developer tools, including John Kodumal (LaunchDarkly), Erica Brescia (Bitnami, GitHub), Grant Miller (Replicated) and Florian Leibert (Mesosphere).

Okteto is reimagining how software teams develop cloud-native applications.

In moving to the cloud, the past two decades represent a paradigm shift in application architecture: from monoliths on physical servers hosted in basements to microservices running on distributed containers worldwide. Microservices, containers and Kubernetes solved a lot of the operational challenges of running applications at scale, and helped make modern companies’ infrastructure more performant and reliable. Yet conversely, these advancements slowed developer productivity by making it difficult to replicate production environments, write software, and troubleshoot code.

Ultimately, innovation in DevOps and deployment solutions outpaced innovation in software development, causing strain not only to developers, but also to businesses who want to ship value to their customers quickly.

Okteto was created to right this wrong, enabling teams of all sizes to deploy pre-configured environments to the cloud in seconds, and get immediate feedback on their code. Using Okteto, developers can instantly work with their existing application stack and see code changes in real-time, as they would look in production, as soon as they hit save.

Why should the core process of building software remain tied to local machines? With Okteto, we see a more productive and happy cloud-native future for developers.

Since 2019, the company has grown rapidly from its inception as an open source project in Y Combinator to an international team with customers including Monday.com, LaunchDarkly, Replicated, Privacy Dynamics, Sirona Medical, Dafiti, and many more.

Most importantly, we are more than excited to partner with founders Ramiro Berrelleza, Ramon Lamana and Pablo Chico de Guzman. We are continually impressed by the combination of their deep empathy towards the challenges developers face every day, with the team’s know-how to tackle these problems and strong history of technical execution at companies like Atlassian, Microsoft, Docker and Google. Like many members of the Two Sigma Ventures family, Ramiro immigrated to the United States to build his career in technology. We love the immigrant hustle that is the core DNA of Okteto and are proud of their commitment to build a diverse, global team. We are inspired by Okteto and excited to join them on their mission to make it easier for any developer around the world to build and ship modern software.

From left to right: Vinay Iyengar, Pablo Chico de Guzman, Ramiro Berrelleza, Ramon Lamana and Villi Iltchev

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