Meet NewtonX, the AI-Powered Expert Search Engine

By Dan Abelon on June 18, 2019

We’re excited to announce today that we’re leading NewtonX’s $12 million Series A. NewtonX is an AI-powered B2B knowledge network that enables companies to quickly identify specific expertise. NewtonX wants to codify potentially everyone’s work experience to help answer and surface the question “what have you done that can be valuable to others,” and then provide this knowledge to its customers through a mix of both B2B surveys and calls to its broad network.

Market research in the B2B space is an area where we’ve really identified a market need. If you’re a Fortune 100 company looking to survey 50 fitness studio managers from the west coast of Australia, traditional expert networks may find it difficult to surface that specific expertise in a customizable fashion. Furthermore, these platforms are often limited by manual processes, which can ultimately result in a longer turnaround time and smaller pool of experts.

It’s a problem Germain Chastel and Sascha Eder faced first-hand as consultants at McKinsey, where they spent years searching for specialized knowledge and industry experts to help some of the world’s largest brands and companies make critical decisions. Inspired by the difficulty they had in tracking down and finding specific industry knowledge, they set out to build a better way to codify people’s professional knowledge using data science.

NewtonX’s approach allows them to tap into knowledge networks broadly, reaching out to thousands of professionals that can provide market research and insight for any single request. NewtonX’s platform is based on two engines: the first is an expert search engine for finding people, and the second is the expert conversion engine for onboarding relevant experts. Their product offering surfaces this knowledge, encompassing everyone from C-suite to niche subject-matter experts and people with hard-to-find skillsets. It’s customizable for company size, location, and level of experience, and can provide either (i) B2B market research surveys or (ii)  on-demand discussions. After only 2 years, NewtonX has 30+ employees, services 80+ customers, and is also in production at large Fortune 100s such as Microsoft.

Throughout our time getting to know Germain, Sascha, and the team at NewtonX, we were continually impressed by the technology they had built for a passionate group of users in such a short period of time. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be partnering with the team and joining our friends and earlier backers at Third Prime Capital, Xfund, and Switch Ventures through this next phase of growth. See more coverage of the news in TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and Built in NYC!

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