Congratulating Dusan Perovic and Frances Schwiep on their Promotion to Partner

By Dan Abelon, Colin Beirne, Lindsey Gray, and Villi Iltchev on January 5, 2021

We’re excited to announce the promotion of Dusan Perovic and Frances Schwiep to Partner. Dusan and Frances have both been invaluable members of our team for the past several years, earning this recognition through their excellent work leading investments for our team, tirelessly supporting founders and entrepreneurs through the ups and downs of running a company, and relentlessly helping drive forward our strategy and growth. It’s a rewarding moment to stop and recognize them for their accomplishments, and we are very proud and thrilled to have them as colleagues and ambassadors for Two Sigma Ventures.

Since joining Two Sigma Ventures in 2016, Dusan has played an integral role in developing and leading our investing efforts at the intersection of the life sciences/healthcare and data science. He has championed our thesis that AI/ML tools will enable life sciences/healthcare companies of the future to deliver results faster and cheaper, and that they need a data science team and data strategy from the get go. Dusan has built an impressive track record investing in companies such as Kallyope, Recursion, insitro, Hexagon Bio, Terray, Zymergen, and a number of seed investments.* He is a trusted advisor to all the teams he works with, helping companies shape their research, commercialization, and hiring strategies.

Dusan also has a long history as a colleague of ours within Two Sigma, first joining the firm in 2007 to work on the company’s growth strategy, a role through which he helped the firm launch several new businesses. He also worked extensively with research groups across the firm in discovering and evaluating new data sources used to train the firm’s AI/ML algorithms, which has given him significant experience and a unique appreciation for ways life sciences and healthcare companies can benefit from data science. Before Two Sigma, Dusan worked as a management consultant in healthcare/biotech, where he first discovered his passion for this space. We couldn’t be more excited to have Dusan leading our life sciences efforts moving forward.

Frances joined our team as a Principal in 2018, helping to lead investments in early-stage B2B software and data-driven applications. Since joining Two Sigma Ventures, she has led and closely works with a number of investments including Flatfile, Radar, Candu, RapidSOS, Spell, Wealthsimple and other still-unannounced companies,* and has quickly become known for being the first call for the founders she works with. Over the years, we’ve heard the same feedback: Frances stands out as an investor who rolls up her sleeves to help with everything from customer and candidate introductions to advising on go-to-market tactics and navigating the complexities of building out bottom-up and top-down acquisition strategies.

Frances also brings a depth of experience to the team. Before joining Two Sigma Ventures, she spent the early part of her career as a data scientist and operator building data products at MC10 and Analysis Group. She also spent time on the investing side at Highland Capital and Comcast Ventures, where she led deals and held board seats in a number of B2B SaaS and AI companies. We’re as fortunate to have Frances as a Partner as are the founders for whom she goes to bat every day.

These promotions reflect the hard-earned and valuable contributions of both of these individuals. As importantly, Dusan and Frances embody the values to which we aspire at Two Sigma Ventures, and meaningfully contribute to making it a place where we are proud to work. Please join us in congratulating Dusan and Frances on their promotion to Partner.

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