Announcing Our Investment in Facet

By Dan Abelon on November 17, 2021

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re leading Facet’s Series A.

We are strong believers that today’s photographers and designers deserve a new set of tools to help them do their jobs. The rise of AI and the constant march towards cloud-based applications provide the potential for great entrepreneurs to use these new building blocks to reinvent existing software.  

Digital photography is an especially interesting space to apply these new paradigms because of the immense amount of data available in each and every image. To this point, we were especially intrigued when we met Joe Reisinger and Matt Stanton, Facet’s founders, and they posed a powerful question to us: What would it mean if your photo editing application actually had an understanding of each image?  

It turns out that applying computer vision to understanding an image’s content improves the editing process tremendously. It means that instead of moving around pixels, designers can now edit the content of an image in a much more streamlined way. Using Facet, designers can adjust different elements of an image and then apply those same styles to any other image without having to do so manually. This makes it easier to automatically edit images in bulk and even unlocks the ability to edit images programmatically. For example, let’s say you are editing images from a photo shoot of merchandise for an ecommerce site. You can edit the background, people, and specific items in one photo to achieve your desired style and mood. Then you can apply exactly the same styles to every other photo because the software understands the content of the entire set of images. 

Not only is Facet applying AI to photo editing, but they are also creating a modern web-based application that makes it easier for designers to collaborate with each other and with folks from different functions in their companies. Ultimately, Facet plans to unlock the ability for its users to easily share styles and inspiration across its full community. 

We’re excited to support the next generation of founders who are making it easier for talented people to unleash their creativity. Joe and Matt struck us as the perfect set of founders to take the world of photo editing in this direction. They have a fantastic mix of deep technical backgrounds, founder experience, and passion for using the very latest advances in computing to create incredible tools for the designers they serve.  

Advances in data science and software are transforming the world of photography. My wife’s grandfather was a commercial photographer from the 1940s through 1970s. Applying any level of style to photos was a slow, painstaking process in a darkroom involving piles of film and a variety of chemicals. How amazed would he be by the creative possibilities enabled by Facet.

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