Announcing Our Investment in Anomalo

By Frances Schwiep on October 28, 2021

Nearly every software company is quickly becoming a data company and is therefore trying to deploy a modern cloud data stack. This includes, but is not limited to, ELT tools, a transform layer, a cloud data warehouse, and business intelligence tooling. A great data stack is, of course, useless without trusted data. But 100% of teams with a data pipeline must deal with validation and quality issues. The sheer number of hours data teams spend investigating these data quality (DQ) issues and repairing corrupted data has grown exponentially in the last couple of years. 

We believe that DQ monitoring has become table stakes for a trusted modern data stack. In other words, our thesis is that as we shift towards a world of data-driven software, monitoring data quality will become as important, if not more important, than cloud infrastructure monitoring (read more about this in our previous post about data and model monitoring). Anomalo has built a platform to enable and support this inevitable future of data-driven software. 

After speaking to nearly every company in the space, we knew we had found something special after our very first conversation with Elliot Shmukler, the CEO of Anomalo. What the Anomalo team has built is an easy to use and comprehensive data quality platform. Moreover, Anomalo’s breadth of functionality allows users to monitor data via traditional methods like validation rules and metric anomalies, but also introduces a new concept of unsupervised data quality monitoring which spots the “unknown unknowns.”

But what’s perhaps even more impressive than the Anomalo product is the founding team and their deep empathy with solving data quality issues. Over Elliot’s 20+ year career as a technology executive at eBay, Wealthfront, LinkedIn and Instacart, he has built a deep understanding of data-driven software and why data quality is critical to business success. Most recently, Elliot was the Chief Growth Officer at Instacart, where he oversaw the company’s overall growth strategy, geographic expansion and subscription product efforts. His co-founder and CTO, Jeremy Stanley, has had an equally impressive career as a technology leader, most recently as the VP of Data Science at Instacart. The two have come together to build what we believe is a truly best-in-class data quality product that is now used by teams at companies such as BuzzFeed, Discover Financial Services, and Substack. 

We are so thrilled to be investing in Anomalo’s Series A along with our friends at Norwest Venture Partners. We are true believers in Elliot and Jeremy’s vision for better data-driven software and are excited to be along for the ride.

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