Two Sigma Ventures

We invest in

tools that turn
children into inventors
algorithms to
cure disease
technology to create
new worlds
software that
writes custom music
robots that work
with humans
consumer products

What We Do

We believe the world is changing
faster than ever.

We are an early-stage venture capital fund investing in transformative companies harnessing information growth and computing power to change the world.

We believe that the most important companies of the future will be the product of three forces: the exponentially increasing availability of information; rapid advancements in the science of computing; and the ingenuity of visionary founders.

We have seen the information + computing + people thesis transform the business of investment management, and we aim to support companies applying it to innovate in other industries.


Our Focus

We support companies using data science and advanced engineering to create the future.

Early stage

We invest early—from seed to series B—and stick around as a long-term partner.

Across industries

From infrastructure tools and healthcare to real estate and consumer hardware, we support data- and computing-driven transformation in every industry.

Where we have expertise

We bring Two Sigma brainpower in software engineering, data science, quantitative modeling, machine learning and more to all we do.

How we help

We provide access to deep expertise and an extensive technical network.

Throughout 15+ years of building Two Sigma Investments, we’ve learned a lot about what makes a technology company succeed. With over 1,300 employees, including over 200 PhDs, Two Sigma Investments can hardly be called a startup anymore, but we bring this experience and expertise to every company we work with.

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We provide expertise and advice to our portfolio companies to help them succeed. We particularly focus on offering support around product development, team and culture building, strategic partnerships, and public relations.


We offer our support to our portfolio companies with all aspects of team building, from defining company values to sourcing top talent to developing new managers and coaching executive teams on effective leadership.

We helped the Tinybop leadership team integrate coaching, mentorship, and better feedback practices to improve learning and performance.


Our extended network of engineers and data scientists dig in to give our companies the extra bandwidth and know-how to get products to market.

We hosted a 2-day competition with 20 Two Sigma data scientists to help Whoop increase the accuracy of its wearable heart-rate monitor.


We use Two Sigma Investments’ expansive network to help our companies connect with the customers and partners they need to grow.

We helped Eave get introduced to potential capital markets partners.


We help companies tell their story, from assisting with PR or social media strategy, to making intros to reporters to get it into print.

We helped Entrypoint strategize and execute a PR campaign.


Our co-working and event space in downtown NYC is a place for our portfolio companies to work, hold meetings, or host events. Several seed-stage companies use the space as their full-time office. For the rest of the portfolio, the space is a home-base in NYC for drop-ins, meetings and events.

Our portfolio

We have invested in 50+ companies and growing.

Anki harnesses robotics and artificial intelligence to bring consumer products to life with an unprecedented level of intellect and interactive capabilities. More

CoverWallet is an online platform that offers insurance-management services to its clients. More

Enigma takes the mystery out of open-source public data, providing analysis tools that collect, curate, and mine public government information and available research information for insight. More

NS1 is an intelligent domain name system (DNS) and traffic-management platform that uses a data-driven architecture to make routing decisions in real-time. More

Placed provides real-world insights to brands and advertisers by measuring and analyzing what its opt-in panel of smartphone customers likes, where they are, and what they like to do. More is an artificial-intelligence-driven personal assistant that combines machine learning and human intelligence to schedule meetings. More

All companies

Our team

We are mathematicians, data scientists, entrepreneurs, and operators.

Our core team is dedicated to finding and partnering with great founders. We are supported by Venture Partners who bring years of experience building Two Sigma Investments, and an army of experts from Two Sigma who are eager to share their skills.

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Core team

Dan Abelon
Colin Beirne
Mickey Graham
Content & Brand Manager
Lindsey Gray
Partner, Portfolio Success & Ops
Andy Kangpan
Amanda Napolitano
Office Manager
Dusan Perovic
Kat Rumbles
Portfolio Success Manager
Erhan Soyer-Osman
Priti Trivedi
Community Manager
David Winton
Heather Zhuang

Venture Partners & Advisors

Jason Beverage
Matt Greenwood
Venture Partner
Matt Jacobus
Venture Partner
David Joerg
Ann Ruble
Operating Partner
Edward Schmidt
Venture Partner
Wray Thorn
Venture Partner
Marc Weill
Venture Partner